Workplace Evangelism

Brothers & Sisters,

This testimony is about how in recent months Our Lord Jesus led me to bring six employees to Christ, and hopefully multiplication.

In March 2016, I was looking for new job. I heard the Lord’s voice boomed into my ears. He said` Someone will introduce you a job. You will be offered on the spot when interviewed. That is the job, accept it.’’
Shortly, a friend introduced me to his cousin’s company that sells frozen raw meats & seafood to the F&B industry. I was offered immediately Head of Human Resources Dept.

It is a very local Chinese company steeped in Taoism idolatry. Several altars for daily ritualistic worship with joss sticks and fruits. Every Director’s room has lots of idols. My Christian friends said they would not join such a company. However I obeyed and joined. Since the Lord so specifically spoke to me, surely He has higher purpose for me beyond earning a salary from this company.

I made it clear to the management that I am a Christian and I will not participate in their Taoist rituals including the seven month festival..

Shortly, the Managing Director fell ill, needed angioplasty and was very worried. I took opportunity to share the gospel with him. He was very moved but at that precise moment someone stepped in his room and the connection with the HS was broken. the Lord said timing was not right.

Meanwhile I prayed and asked our Lord Jesus to continuously mould my behaviour, my attitude and most imptly imbue me with His love for the workers. Without His love it would be impossible to reach out to them.

And he answered my prayer. Eventually I was filled with supernatural love for the workers – Malaysians, China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar….In my flesh it would not have been possible.

By beginning of this year, our Lord began to open the harvest for me .

First case : I befriended a China female colleague who was divorced and feeling lonely, depressed…..I brought her to a evangelistic concert where some Media Corp Christian artistes like Lee Nan Sing, Rayson Tan performed and made altar calls. etc She was very touched and accepted Lord Jesus into her life. She has returned to China thereafter.

Second: A Myanmar worker’s finger was injured and became contaminated for many days. He requested to return to home country for treatment. Before departure, I prayed for healing on his fingers and he accepted Lord Jesus into his life. Along the journey, he already reported to me that all the pain and swell had gone from his finger !! He was very jubilant and kept praising our Lord. And began to attend Sunday church service in his home town.

Third: Another Myanmar worker, he was caught with 5 kg of company meat in his bag. I decided to terminate his job as it was a stealing case; and also his immediate superior never liked him, never once took a look at him ! But HS spoke to me to give him a hearing, a chance. I obeyed and listened to his explanation that he thot it was ok to take the meat as most days his colleagues would have passed him some extras. He was appealing to me pathetically that he has given a lot of money to the Agent to get him this job and his parents are old. As I looked into his mournful eyes, I saw Jesus, the compassionate Jesus who lifted up the adulterous woman; who with His last few breaths, asked Heavenly Father to forgive His enemies…….Immediately I decided to just give him a written warning and $70 penalty. I told him that it was Jesus who saved his job. And would he like to accept Jesus into his life. He accepted Christ.

In addition, I prayed for Jesus to grant him favour with his immediate boss. Within short while, his boss came to me to cancel his $70 penalty, saying that he did return the meat, and he needs to send money home….Our Lord answered the prayer ! He found favour with his boss !

Fourth : The Managing Director’s daughter 3 months ago accepted Christ….She is 24 years old and my immediate superior. A staunch Buddhist who had made ritualistic trips to Taiwan before, she approached me to find out all she could about Christ. She said she observed that everytime when something I am handling turned around miraculously, I would remind her that it is Lord Jesus who did it….! She requested that I bring her to church, and so I started to bring her to a Sunday church. At second visit, she accepted Christ into her life. Two months later she told me that her panic attacks and depression are gone, as she diligently read the bible and prayed simple prayers to Heavenly Father !! She is excited about Jesus and even her sister sensed a change in her and a glow in her face.

A China Driver was required to pass our local Class 3 driving test in order to drive company’s 14 feet delivery trucks. He was concerned as his livelihood depends on his passing the Test….I encouraged him why not look to Jesus to give him strength? Amazingly he passed his Test at first try !! Normally need to do the test several times as it is very difficult . Immediately after he passed, he called me to inform me. Holy Spirit told me that it was Lord Jesus who enabled him to pass as He has plans for this person. And I am to let him know. I obediently shared about Christ and what He has done for him. He said ` I have sins. Okay to accept Christ ? Pastor Kristy’s notes and sinner prayer in Chinese were very helpful. He confessed out and is a child of God from then. See Peng helped to source a Church in Jurong where he stays. This Church has a service for China nationals ! And even has free English lessons before the service ! Brought him there last Sunday and he was blessed…….

Sixth : A India colleague heard of me bring this China employee to church….so he came to tell me that he is interested to attend Christian church. He said back in India, his house is next door to a large famous church. And each time when he visited, he felt tremendous sense of peace. Strangely no one had shared the gospel to him then. So of course, I readily arranged to bring him to Church this Sunday afternoon.

All these workers work on Saturdays 6am to 6 pm, and Sundays until 2pm. Thus I am not able to bring them to Good Gifts Church but to other Churches as led by the Lord.

Brothers & Sisters, it has not been easy to evangelise in that environment. I had my share of persecution. My salary was highlighted as on the high side within the company and not really stable. But the Lord blessed me with the capability to bring in sales around $20,000 per month from restaurants & eateries. It is unusual that a HR personnel should do some sales but Heavenly Father opened such doors for me so that I could justify for my salary !! Recently He even led me to bring in a big customer – a western restaurant chain that gives huge orders every day to continue sustaining me in the company until his plans through me are fulfilled !!

I am so awed and thankful to our Lord for using me, just as I am, not perfect. And I am thankful for the spiritual covering of Good Gifts Church, Senior Pastor’s prayer support and Anchorage Life Group’s covering and prayer support. I pray that all lovely brethren here are greatly blessed like Joshua to take the space for Christ in their areas of influence, be it workplace or neighbourhood or schools, educational institutions !!