Transformed by Jesus

Subathra Manickam, 2013

I take great pleasure in sharing how happy I am after stepping into Good Gifts City Church.

The church is blessed with the presence of Lord Jesus and angels filling the place.

I don’t know how to express the moment I felt the presence of Lord Jesus. I felt the sudden change in my body. The joy and happiness was something I NEVER NEVER felt in my life. I asked myself why I am feeling full of joy. It’s because of the presence of Jesus. I never felt this way even during my happy moments in the past. Whenever I step into the worship hall, I can feel the presence of Jesus.

When I received prayer at The Healing Place, it was amazing. I can feel the changes happening in my body. How good and powerful Jesus is!

I want to thank my good friend Ben Yuan. Without him I won’t have come to know Jesus better and closer. My heart is filled with joy.

I also want to thank all the Church members for their care and support.

With the Lord’s blessing, let’s welcome 2013!