THE GOLDEN RULE: Matthew 7:12

Simon Wee, January 2015

I like to give a personal testimony on the message preached by our Senior Pastor Derek Hong on “to build a culture of Thankful, Praying, Thinking & Practising people of God’s word & God’s way!” on 3rd January ’15.

I just want to confirm one area of application that he challenged us to be a leader by setting good example & also practising the Golden Rule. Matthew 7:12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law & the prophets.

It all happened last year ’14 around November, usually we as colleagues go for our lunch, we go “on Dutch”(paying our own meal).However I felt an urge to just treat all of them in total 4 of us including myself .Now, normally the practise was that if any of my colleagues pay the bills first ,they will settle individually at the end of the day. I continue to treat them a couple of times whenever I lunched with them.

Early Dcember’14, to my surprise, all of my colleagues followed what I did by taking turn to pay for the lunch without collecting back the meals we ate. Now whenever we go for lunch or tea breaks, everyone wants to pay for the food.

I really believe there was a culture of generosity created by my willingness to make the first move by treating them. One of my colleagues was jokingly asking me why I am so generous & that give me the opportunity of sharing how God was so good to me when I was at my most difficult times & He delivered me. I also have the opportunity to pray for one of my colleagues who suffered severe headache. I believe we are called to be the Salt & Light of the earth wherever we are. (Matthew 5:13,14).

Thank you! Pastor Derek for challenging us not only to listen to your sermons, but also to meditate & put them into practise at our market places so that Jesus ‘name will be glorified.

To God be the glory, honour, power & praise!
Simon Wee