Pain in the Leg

Joyce Chng

“In October 2016, I experienced shoulder, backache and pain on my right leg. It was very painful when I sit or move my leg.

I went to the GP and he gave me a muscle relaxer. But it didn’t work. So I went for tui na, chiropractor both Chinese and western. I was also on pain killers.

On December last year, I went to see LiSann who is a physiotherapist. After 3 sessions she suggested that I see a spine specialist. They did the MRI and blood test and discovered that I have this condition.

I’ll let Albert to explain it.

A friend asked me what the pain was like? It’s like a knife sawing on your leg. I was put on steroid for two months then.

From April this year, I stopped taking the steroids and the pain came back on the end of May. I was given a medication without steroids and I now on regular exercise.

I thank God that I am off steroids and the pain is under control. I believe I will be completely heal.

Thanks to Germaine and the team for the prayer board. Many people who may or may not know me came to tell me that they are praying for me.

Thanks to the pastoral staff and healing place ministers who are praying for me.

Also thanks to Pastor Derek Hong for specially spending time to pray for me too.”