Healed of shoulder pain

Janifer Yeo, December 2011

On 1 Dec 2011, Brother Simon shared a word of knowledge during service that God wants to heal those with pain in the foot. I was hesitant about going up for prayer because my pain was on my left shoulder blade. Sharp pain periodically shot up my shoulder and down my left hand leaving it numb. It has been hurting so bad that even pain killers had no effects. I was feeling so exasperated – and yes, I did pray… along with all my painkiller pills and plasters but the pain did not go away. I started imagining how I could rip off that nerve that was hurting me. So, after some hesitation, I went up to Brother Raymond who was free and Magdalene joined him in praying for me.

I was so hopeful even though the pain did not go away immediately. I started thanking God for all the creative miracles I had received before and believed this will be yet another that I will add to my list. Every time the sharp pain strikes, I started meditating on all the old mannas I have received and believed for a new one. I resisted taking anymore pain-killers – and over the next 3 days, the painful ‘strikes’ lessened and each time, the intensity also reduced and finally, I was freed from the pain.

I read a short article in God Vine’s website and something caught my attention – we would not know what pain-free is like until we experienced pain. I am so grateful to God for delivering me of the pain and am ever more conscious of my work posture now.

Thank you for your prayers Bro Raymond and Sis Mag!