God’s Amazing Things

Hello Ps. Derek,

I, Priscilla, have been wanting to share the amazing things that the Lord Jesus is doing in my Sales work, especially now that businesses with eateries are dropping due to COVID…

I now have 3 new customers near our church:
– Mini hotpot.
– Beef noodle.
– Coffee house.

Whenever I walked past such shops, I would talk with Father about my sales. I asked that He show me the doors. Suddenly He would prompt me to walk into them and the decision makers would be right there and I would get the deals.

First case: The Beef Noodle shop. Within 15 minutes the owner appointed me his supplier. Opened 5 weeks ago – lunch crowd was pretty good then. He ordered the premium products and pays promptly. I found out the son & daughter who finance the project are Christians.

Second case: A mala hotpot shop in One North. Two months ago I saw them preparing to open. I sense the Holy Spirit told me to go in. Immediately after hearing my sales pitch, the owner agreed to use my services! The industry is very competitive. Rarely we get such confirmation so fast. Then I found out he is Christian. I prayed for his business. Now his biz most days above average despite Covid.

Third case: a new customer offered to pay via bank transfer before we deliver the goods to him!

Fourth case: our Father brought me into a western cuisine group that has 4 outlets. Every day consistent orders.

Our God is definitely above man’s economy.

My formula:
1. Dwell in His secret place (you taught that to us effectively)
2. Faithful tithing & offerings.
3. Prayers by self & Cell Group. Ever since I shared with Raymond & Simon, my cell leaders, to pray for my sales, these things have been happening.

In fact two weeks ago when the economy got darker, our Lord brought me one more new customer. He said just go into the shop – and they were looking for a new supplier for tuna! Immediately I got the deal. They pay promptly via transfer instead of asking for long credit terms even though times are bad. I just found out he is a Christian.

Amazingly this month (March 2020) my sales hit $80k, higher than the past 2 months. God is above the Covid, & man’s economy.

After reading her testimony, Pastor Derek had an exchange with Priscilla.

From Ps. Derek:
Hallerlujah! Remember you made a special offering on your inheritance that came from the sale of a family property? Can you see the connection?

From Priscilla :
Yes definitely. Tithes AND offerings in obedience. I remember you mentioned that faithful giving multiplies our finances. More importantly it deepens our relationship with our Father. We become closer to Him, can hear Him clearer.