God Wants To Heal!

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Endorsement of this book

“It is always refreshing and edifying to read from a practitioner, especially one who has struggled and processed the challenges and controversies in that field. Derek takes the bull by the horns in sharing the results of that journey, and in the area of healing at that! If there is one subject hill of controversies, it surely must be healing. I thought that I would be reading information that I had already gleaned from elsewhere. But I was blessed by the way Derek has presented his case, such that more light shone in spots where I had not previously considered. I believe you will be enriched too.”

Rev Wee Boon Hup
Bishop, the Methodist Church of Singapore
(7 Dec 2012 – 2 Dec 2016)

“This is a book waiting to be written by Pastor Derek Hong. Over the years, I have witnessed the unceasing passion of the author in this area of restoring the authority of the believer to heal the sick. This book outlined systematically the biblical, theological and experiential basis for his passion. One useful aspect of the book is the author’s perspective on alternative medicine. His research and insights into this area will be eye-opening for many. Readers will be thrilled not just with the scriptural’ but also the personal experiences of the author in this area of healing the sick. The best thin!} Derek is not just a theorist but he is a practitioner of healing the sick in Jesus’ Name!”

Benny Ho
Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church Perth
Founder of Arrows School of Ministry

“In this powerful book, Derek Hong reveals amazing truths from God’s Word about healing and divine health. He exhorts his readers to walk in their heavenly decree as world changers and history makers. God wants to Heal! will equip you to fulfill our Messiah’s mandate to heal the sick and set the captives free. This book is a must read for every Christian who longs to be transformed into the image of Christ in order to change the world. I highly recommend it!”

Kris Vallotton
Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA
Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
Author of ten books including, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Spirit Wars