A Second Chance with Jesus

Joel Chen, June 2011

I first visited Good Gifts City Church on 12 June 2011. I can remember the state that I was in when I walked through the doors to this auditorium. Deep inside I was afraid as I am an introvert. I usually don’t make friends with people very easily. But my cousin said, don’t worry, he will sit next to me.

For the first few months, I will make my way to church and be there just in time for worship and leave right away once Pastor Jenn prays a prayer of blessing over us for the week, as if I will be awarded a prize for being the first out of the auditorium doors. But slowly I made more friends and before I know it I started serving in 2G too.

One thing I can say without a doubt is that in 2G I can feel the really strong presence of God. No matter how busy or tiring my week was, the moment I walk through the doors of the church and start worshipping, I can feel the love of God.

I always thought only the super holy and super righteous will hear God speak. But my views changed because I can now hear Him speak and honestly it’s a life changing experience.

A very good example of how much God has seen me through these few years is through the countless number of exams I have to study for. I have been clearing the papers with results above 75%. I can only say such results will not be possible without God because I have never received such results since my secondary school days.

After being in this church for 1.5 years I can say my life has changed so much. I begin to trust God a lot more and be open to the many ways which He is using me. I am really thankful to God for all that He has done and is still doing in my life because without Him I will probably be wandering around without proper direction in life. It’s really by his grace that I can have a second chance to experience His love all over again. This wouldn’t be possible without a prayerful mother who prays for me every day and friends whom I have made here in 2G who stood by me without fail. I am thankful for all of you.