Brothers & Sisters, This testimony is about how in recent months Our Lord Jesus led me to bring six employees to Christ, and hopefully multiplication. In March 2016, I was looking for new job. I heard the Lord’s voice boomed into my ears. He said` Someone will introduce you a […]

Workplace Evangelism

Cerise Tean I attained a Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Upon graduation, I prayed and waited for a job for 7 months, never did I expect Barclays Bank to open its doors to me. I always wondered why the banking industry instead […]

God’s Provision and Faithfulness

Joyce Chng “In October 2016, I experienced shoulder, backache and pain on my right leg. It was very painful when I sit or move my leg. I went to the GP and he gave me a muscle relaxer. But it didn’t work. So I went for tui na, chiropractor both […]

Pain in the Leg

Simon Wee I would like to share a personal testimony, in relation to the message preached by Pastor Derek Hong on “The Five Marks of a Healthy Church,” on 27 May 2017. I would like to confirm one area of application he shared on, taken from 1 Samuel 2:30 and […]

The Five Marks of a Healthy Church

Cerise Tean, September 2012 After three weeks of nightly insomnia, with only few hours of sleep at most, Cerise was finally able to sleep for more than seven hours after prayer. God has restored her rest!

Healed from Insomnia

Janifer Yeo, December 2011 On 1 Dec 2011, Brother Simon shared a word of knowledge during service that God wants to heal those with pain in the foot. I was hesitant about going up for prayer because my pain was on my left shoulder blade. Sharp pain periodically shot up […]

Healed of shoulder pain

Subathra Manickam, 2013 I take great pleasure in sharing how happy I am after stepping into Good Gifts City Church. The church is blessed with the presence of Lord Jesus and angels filling the place. I don’t know how to express the moment I felt the presence of Lord Jesus. […]

Transformed by Jesus

Joel Chen, June 2011 I first visited Good Gifts City Church on 12 June 2011. I can remember the state that I was in when I walked through the doors to this auditorium. Deep inside I was afraid as I am an introvert. I usually don’t make friends with people […]

A Second Chance with Jesus

Terreo, September 2011 Baby Terreo had already been having high fever for four days, with temperature sometimes going beyond 40 degrees Celsius. While Baby Terreo was being sent to the hospital on 24 September 2011, everyone at The Healing Place prayed for him. Shortly after the The Healing Place session, […]

Baby recovers from prolonged and high fever

Simon Wee, January 2015 I like to give a personal testimony on the message preached by our Senior Pastor Derek Hong on “to build a culture of Thankful, Praying, Thinking & Practising people of God’s word & God’s way!” on 3rd January ’15. I just want to confirm one area […]

THE GOLDEN RULE: Matthew 7:12